They say our pain is cut in half and our joy is doubled when we share our experiences with those who care about us. R shared that quote with me when I shared my experience with her!  Her empathy and compassion is so beautiful.  She is one very special girl whom God is working through in so many ways.

When we are open to hearing God, to fulfilling His will for us, we hear new things and have new thoughts.  While our thoughts will never be His thoughts and our ways will never be His ways, being so fully and astonishingly OPEN to Him really changes everything.

My yoga mat experience came to me, I’m convinced, because of my openness.  I became willing to let my guard down and shed my own self will, I let go of my own plan for myself, and I opened myself up to HIM!  I repeatedly prayed and said out loud that I wanted Him to remove from me my self will, asking him over and over again to use me as he wishes, to do with me what he wilt, He DID do something with me!

Never in all my years have I heard those thoughts in my head, not even remotely.  NEVER have I felt, wondered, or admitted fear, control, or sadness regarding my mother, and then all of a sudden, out of no where (!) my brain is telling me that “she can’t hurt me any more?”  What??!

Thank you God, that’s all I can do, is praise his Holy name, thank Him for the gifts, for His strength and insights and for the path he has created just for me.