2 or 3 months ago a friend from a big group thing I was a part of was posting vague sad things.  Referring to her marriage being in trouble, feeling heartbroken, etc.

Though we were not close friends at all, we were very friendly in our group meetings.  I messaged her asking her if she was ok.

She opened up and told me some things that were happening, things that were bad in her marriage- very bad.

I listened, responded with love and hope, and prayed for her.  Sometimes I would pray for xx at night in our family prayers and as they often do, my husband or kids would ask me what or who it was that I was referencing.  I told them that I had a friend dealing with problems in her marriage. That was that.

Weeks passed, sometimes I would check in on her and we’d share a few sentences back and forth.  We did this maybe 3 times.  I prayed for her when I thought of it, maybe a few times a week every week.  The things she was dealing with were big.

Today I got this message from her, out of no where.

I am so encouraged and surprised to receive this.

Hi xx. I just wanted to tell you how very much I appreciate you. I’m doing the love dare, and today’s dare was to pick a marriage mentor. I chose you, and when it asked me why I almost cried with gratitude for you. I poured my broken pieces out to you, and you never flinched. You didn’t tell me to give up on my marriage or husband, in fact you encouraged me to give it to God. And you kept it in confidence. I am so thankful to you. I don’t know if you’ll ever know how influential you have been to me in this time, but seriously. I appreciate you so so much.
Simple, straightforward, heartfelt appreciation.  I have been a slug today, feeling like a total couch potato.  Just blah.  I felt blah yesterday because of a small-ish argument between H and I about some friends using our garage for storage.  I haven’t been able to let go of feeling frustrated with our argument, though it is done and over and far beyond time to move on.
It is a flaw of mine to hold on to grudges.  I have a hard time letting go of things when I feel someone has wronged me, even if it REALLY IS NOT a big deal.  So there I sat, in that unproductive frustration with my husband.  It carried over to today.  And now I receive this amazing message from a fellow struggling mom that I know.
Smiling in appreciation for how God works.  In our hearts, in real life, in relationships and connections and marriage and everything.