Were we resentful, selfish, dishonest or afraid?

Do we owe anyone an apology?

Have we kept something to ourselves which should be discussed with another person at once?

Were we kind and loving toward all?

What could we have done better?

Were we thinking of ourselves most of the time?

Were we thinking of what we could do for others to enrich the lives of all involved?

Consider these things without drifting into worry, remorse or morbid reflection, for that would diminish our usefulness to others.

Ask God’s forgiveness and inquire what corrective  measures should be taken.


Upon awakening, consider the 24 hours ahead.

Consider our plans for the day.

Ask God to direct our thinking, asking that it be divorced from self-pity, dishonest or self-seeking motives.

When we face indecision and can not determine which course to take, ask God for inspiration, for an intuitive thought or a decision.  Then, relax and take it easy.  Do not struggle.

Come to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us and plan to obey what it tells you.

Pray for the day that we be shown all through the day what our next step is to be, that we be given whatever we need to take care of any problems or indecision.  Ask for freedom from self-will, and be careful to make no request for ourselves only.

We may ask for ourselves only if others are helped, being careful never to pray for our own selfish ends.

As we go through the day we pause, when agitated or doubtful, and ask for the right thought or action.

Realize that I am no longer running the show.

Humbly say “Thy will be done” to live in less danger of excitement, fear, anger, worry, self-pity or foolish decisions.  Live more efficiently.