I saw this post from a yoga girl….


This girl went through an absurd amount of craziness, tragedy and loss and some hugely GOOD things, int he span of one year…. I can’t imagine.  It’s so MUCH.

And then I look at my life, my heart, my lifestyle- and I think of how much it has changed in about 2 years…. it is absolutely astounding.

If you would have told me when we moved from WT that this would be my life in 2014/2015….. homeschooling, learning of my husband’s betrayals, FORGIVING HIM (?!!! old me would NEVER believe this!) moving, finding GOD, loving God, going to CHURCH (!?!!!) every Sunday.  Being a Sunday school teacher?!!  Having a dog…. living in this simple, whole, way… adding in acceptance of alcoholism?!!  Old me would be blown away.

Old me was a party girl who would take the negatives with the numbness of the alcohol.  It was worth it.  Old me hated people, saw the ugly and celebrated the evil.  Old me would have made fun of new me like nobody’s business.  And partied on.  Just amazing how things change.

I have had so many ideas, plans, some have come to fruition, some have went the usual 70% and then stalled.  I can’t wait to see what a sober reality will look like.  When I’m able to follow through with things, to be realistic in this place of kindness and normalcy…. what is that?!

Man, I wish I never got sober – said no one, ever.

:)  Most days suck.  It’s hard to not be drunk every day.  It’s not hard to resist alcohol, that in itself has kind of become a non issue.  But it is hard to deal with normal life.  But today- is a good one, thankful for God’s mercy.