Almost the end of August 2014.  I don’t think about this blog much; more important, wonderful things are happening.  I pray for clarity and peace and a forgiving heart every day and I know that I am cared for by so many people on the earth and souls in heaven.  Life is good.  Things turned around.  My family has all been baptized.  We bought a lake house for weekends in the summer.  My best friends now are all people that I didn’t know 2 years ago.  Polygraph tests continue to come back clear, truthful, honest, now taking them every 6 months.  I don’t know when they’re coming, it’s not a big part of our lives any more.

Things have changed.  The universe has shifted because we turned it over to God.  We were meant to stay together, to find freedom and happiness in each other – and we did exactly that.

I know that he is being faithful because of how he is acting, how he ACTS.  It is so clear and simple after the fact, so obvious yet easy, but not at all EASY.  Here we are.  6 people, pets, lives, loving.  I got a part time job which is awesome.  I have the most wonderful friends.

Minor things come up. Sometimes my brain spirals into scared mode and it’s a dark place, but he is with me, and also HE is with me.  I am never alone, never abandoned, no longer emotionally neglected or abused within the confines of what a loving relationship looks like.

I have grandiose visions of ways to help others, and there are so many “things” that none of them advances quickly.  Lots of things to do with not enough focus on any one of them individually.  My book sits.  My website sits.  My group sits.  Life, however, is moving beautifully.