I’m on a yoga kick.  A good way to round out boxing and weightlifting.

So I’m stretching on the floor, me and the kids having contests to see who can stretch further and I see him looking at me.  Not just looking at me but LOOKING at me.

He says something, I say something, he says “that’ll be useful in a lot of ways.”

A reference to sex.

And amazingly, there are a lot of references to sex here and there.  This is not an unusual little comment, not unusual to see him looking at me sexually.

It’s kind of snuck up on me but I see how this is incredible progress, and the fact that it doesn’t stick out as a once in a year comment, the fact that it’s NOT that big of a deal is actually the big deal in itself.

He has grown accustomed to inserting little comments….

And I’ve grown to not make a huge deal about them and point them out and thank him, that I now just simply flirt back.  And then, wait for it.

Then, we have sex.

It’s kind of like he sees me.  Kind of like he wants me, is attracted to me, initiates sex with me, and takes it.

This happened zero times from 2003 – 2012, zero times.  And now, it is so “normal” that it’s not a big party when he does do it.  And that, is truly a beautiful thing.