I don’t know for sure how exactly it happened.  It just *was happening* and now it has happened, and here we are.

We are moving.

We were never seriously looking.

I mentioned to my realtor friend that I’d long desired to move.  We’ve only lived here two years, but that’s about average for us.

All of a sudden, she sent a few houses, and then a few more.  And we looked at one, and we looked at another.  Goal: live simpler.  Reduce expenses.  More privacy.  No restrictions.

I would have bought the first.  We bought the second.  An amazing quirky crazy little house.  Real wood chunk paneling.  Fixtures from the 50’s and 70’s.  Old school **peacock** wallpaper.  One million doors, too few rooms, lots of mazes, a few steps, lots of outbuildings, lots of “levels” outside.  Real forts, real fire pits, real workshop space, real little creek running through it.  And an orchard.  And a lighthouse for storage.  It’s amazing.  The kitchen is way too small, and it doesn’t have air conditioning.  We’re going to LIVE there.  Much better than we’ve “lived” here.  There will not be people knocking on my doors and poking in unexpectedly.

Will be glorious.  Happened last weekend… last Saturday.  Things are changing.

Full price offer on the 2nd day it was listed, no contingenies.  We got it.

Of course we got it, what’s not to have accepted, right?  So here we are, listing, showing and selling ours.  It has been good.  Real good.