I’m on cloud 9 today.  I woke up happy to be simplifying.   Happy to be happy, happy to feel love in my heart for and from my husband.

I woke up feeling okay that we are still living apart, a little yucky about wearing my wedding ring.

It symbolizes hurt to me.  Betrayal and deception and more pain than anything.

I’m trying to embrace it.  I vacillate between wanting a new symbol of our marriage vs.  trying to buck up and accept this ring.

I am so excited to move.

Not to “start fresh” as that seems just … silly, like an excuse.  But to live differently.  To have privacy.  To not have people wandering up to my door constantly, to be a destination, not an always-available-place.

To not have a huge house to keep perfectly clean.

I am so excited to have old carpet, cottage walls, fixtures from the 50s.  We can LIVE in this house without so much stress and constant “don’t touch the walls!”  Not that it will become a filth pit- it won’t.  But it will have a different level of expectation to it… it will be easy to live in.  Much less….. high maintenance (but actually more high maintenance in different ways.)

I am excited to raise my children in a home that isn’t a big fancy mansion in the Jones’s neighborhood where we feel drawn to keep up with it all.  To slow down, absorb and chill out and enjoy.  Very happy.  Very optimistic and full of hope and joy.