I’m bundled up in my cozy cave. I love my cozy cave. I have my tea next to me. I have Emilie Autumn on. I have my feet up, a soft blanket wrapped around me. I’m sitting in my favorite pretty chair. No lights on, just the directional light from the windows. The windows with new curtains.

One foot in front of the one foot in front of the other foot in front of the one foot in front of the other foot in front of the ONE foot in front of the other….

I love this girl. I hate that she had an abortion. I can’t really respect anyone that has ever had an abortion and doesn’t regret it. My problem though, not theirs.

Once a long time ago, a therapist told me I had a lot of similarities to someone with bipolar, but not as extreme in either the highs or the lows. That therapist said it was more like “cyclothymia.” Like a mini version of bipolar.

Last night my therapist had a different idea. I’m trying to wrap my head around it. How I can hold all the symptoms clear as day yet not really accept that it’s a “thing.”

Some people can really focus on stuff with music going in the background? I think I have some degree of ADD. I’m just too easily distracted. I’m on or off. I’m being amazing or I’m lying on the couch. There is no in between.
There never has been. I do something and I rock it hard or I don’t do anything at all.
I’m glad we have a plan, a path, but it also makes me feel weird.