I’ve told pretty much everyone that I have contact with.  I made a generic email that asked for the prayers and support of my friends.  Told them that I had a few friends with me every step of the way and I don’t need anything else right now.  That he had betrayed me horrendously, that I discovered his secret life in December.  That we tried to work on things somehow since then, but it just can’t happen like this.  So.  He moved out.

Written much nicer and in 4 paragraphs.  Why would I do such a thing?  Because I needed support.  I told SO many people.

CF, SR, KS, MJ, SP, TR.  Between them, surely the whole neighborhood knows by now and are speculating whether he was having an affair, cheated on me randomly while traveling, or something else.  I am so certain that none of them would ever guess prostitutes as the big problem.


I need these people to be supportive for me in their own unique ways.  Some will (and already have) pestered and pressed for time with me, insisting that I needed company or distraction.  Some have not replied yet and when they do, they will probably check in infrequently, but just knowing that more people know takes the weight off of ME, and that is what I need and want.