Why are some people so closed minded. So… stupid?  I get that everyone has different values but this whole marriage thing- I very much don’t understand it.  I understand that I’m in the minority here but I do.not.understand why “marriage” is so important.  Why do americans value it so heavily?  Why does it matter?

Can people not be committed and have the exact same values in a committed relationship as they do in marriage?  Why is it only “being married” that warrants a REAL committed relationship?  It boggles my mind and actually, annoys the fuck out of me.

When him and I were discussing staying together through the divorce, how is it SO HARD to grasp that I needed that to protect myself—- that I needed to PROTECT myself, but still loved him and wanted to be with him.  Is it impossible to love someone yet be unmarried?  Fucking of course it is.

I’m so over people that are fucking dumb.  Open up your wee little brain and think about the world.  How maybe some fucking legality is suuuuper duper important to you but guess what bitch, it don’t really matter to everyone.

And by the way, fuck off.

And also by the way, don’t bother talking to me about shit that YOU deem important but you KNOW I don’t.

And also, go fuck yourself in the ass.