I was being chased by some CRAZED people, some overweight, missing teeth, disgusting crazies who were going to hold me hostage along with a dozen other women. The other women were close to death from not being fed. They could barely perform the required sexual duties that the crazies demanded.

They locked us all in and threatened us by physical beatings and torture and a lot of sexual torture. They tortured us via sexual pain. Some of the women had had their nipples cut off.

They were demented. Somehow, they knew where I was, and wanted to take me away, there was no hiding from the crazy man and woman. They had fetishes with milk, the woman was lactating and all of us girls were forced to suck her breasts and drink the breastmilk. While simultaneously being otherwise attacked and abused. And if we didn’t act, we would be beaten and tortured.

Somehow, I escaped on a moped, and my husband knew to meet me out when I was on the run to come to save me. Except that he didn’t save me. He took me and we went to another home, which was all glass on the outside. He told me to hide in there but there was no where to hide because it was a glass house.  I just hid by laying on the floor in front of a door knowing they could clearly see me. I wanted to die.  I wanted to be dead, rather than go back with them.  They stood calmly at the front door and my husband told me, he doesn’t know what to do with me, there’s no where to hide, and to just go with them.  He said this without emotion as he opened the door and let them take me.