Had his cum in it last night. And the night before. Finally. Why didn’t I do this sooner? Oh that’s right, because he didn’t give a shit, didn’t look at me, didn’t want me, didn’t want me to take it in his mouth, barely touched me, pulled away when I got close to him, cringed at the mention of sex, and jacked off to porn almost every day or up to 4x a day. Yes, that is why.
Now, if he checks in, I’ll check in. I’m happy to give him a little treat in life of cumming in my mouth for my first time. If the man can notice how good he has it, I will make it even better for him. If he can see me and love me and look at me and touch me, I will do anything for him. The answer for me, is always sex.

He loved cumming in my mouth. Loved it. The second time was even more amazing for him I think. The first time was just one squirt and then I pullled off, the second time I kept it in but drooled it out as I continued… I want to learn how to keep it all in my mouth so it doesn’t drool out, but it seems to defy the laws of physics. I also want to swallow eventually but for now, this is big progress. We are good.

I must say that if he pushed me to do more, to do better with blow jobs, I would very likely step up.

Last night was fucking glorious. I was crying on his chest, curled up to him, crying about our baby getting burned earlier that day. (Big sadness.) Sex was not on my radar. I was sobbing on him. For several minutes. Not talking, just crying into his strong body. And then boom. He turned this sexual? Yes, he did.
He pulled back, pulled his hard cock out of his underwear and grabbed my hand and put it on his penis. What? YES HE DID.
He said, “did I really cum in your mouth last night?” me- totally thrown off my crying, was shocked by this, and smiled. “yes.” WHAT?! Was he really turning my sadness around by being this sexual, for the man who struggles to intiate, be sexual, plus me crying- really???

This led to our second blow job finishing in mouth. Glorious glorious glorious. So pleased, so satisfied, so happy, so proud, so….. feeling lucky.