My husband bought me something sexy to wear last night. He seemed to really enjoy it. As much as I do blame him for a lot of problems in our marriage, I can certainly see that I don’t know how to “move” in a sexy way. I am a block, just a skinny stick. No ass, no waist, small breasts, no boob-waist-hip differences practically at all. So last night when he had sometheing beautiful for me- which fit me PERFECTLY and looked amazing, he said, “maybe you can do some modeling for me”…. ?!!! I was so pleased that he idenfieid what he’d like, and then I had NOTHING. I had nothing, like, MODEL?! What does that even mean? Stand sexily and… do what?? I didn’t know. Someone once suggested a “strip tease”… I don’t know what that would look like or how it would … go. I’ve seen dancers on stage in movies but I don’t know how *I* as a person would move like that. Some learning to do but I don’t know where to start.