I’m so proud of my husband right now. His life the past several months has been “taken over” somewhat by a certification that he was pursuing. He had the test today, he passed it. Hardest test of his life, by far, took the most time/effort/energy/brain cells to get through the material, classes, etc.
No more night classes, no more hours of studying alone upstairs while we are all hanging out as a family. I’m so happy for him and proud of him.
I miss him.
I want to check in 100% but it is hard. I have given myself unhelpful and unhealthy distractions that I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR, and I must stop that. I am trying to check back in, to give myself fully to my marriage. How do I do that? Just action and choice? Yes… okay. Actions and choice.

Feeling so proud of him and smiling at the thought of what he has accomplished. It makes me feel more attracted to him.