So much has happened it is hard to keep up.
The whole boob thing created 2 days of foulness and utter stupidity. The next day I became irate with his stupidness, yes- I went from being thankful and impressed with him over this to feeling angry about the mere disliking of my breasts. I mean come on, really?

So that all went down shittily, however I did not reward his passive aggressive behavior with the space and nothingness he so desired.

MMSL supporters stated so many obvious things. Things I knew but was afraid to admit. Bottom line: the recent skyrocketing increase in intimacy and daily sex is overwhelming to him on many levels. He threw that out there and “went for the jugular” in that statement. He knos it is a sensitive topic for me, with reason, and he didn’t give a shit. He tried to take me down with him. He is feeling sad and bad so I should feel sad and bad.

We are “past it” for now.

Today something huge happened, not with us but with me and someone else. I can not type it. He knows of the existance of my blog and he knows my username on MMSL- I have showed him a thread there. He is so passive that I would be very surprised if he seeks out anything else, but it could happen.

Him reading the replies on boob thread was enlightening for him. It gave him hope.

What happened today brings my happiness down so much. I did the right thing but it hurt. I am, for the first time in months, wearing sweatpants and no makeup and feeling like pure shit. Even when I feel like shit from my marriage, I still get cute for my husband when he comes home from work. Today I just can’t. Every cell in my body is disappointed.