I slept poorly last night. 1. because I felt like a chump for posting such a bipolar tirade and 2. because my husband was all over me. WHAT? My husband was all over me.

Not sexually, but just snuggling. That never EVER EVER happens.
He was gone until late, didn’t get home until about 1, doing his wrestling reffing. He came home and READ HALF THE BOOK, NMMNG. Good sign. Anyways, I heard him come home and knew he didn’t come up right away…
Then next thing I realize, he is spooning me. Arms wrapped tightly around me from behind.
This happened over and over again. When I’d fall asleep, he’d move, I’d wake up —-

Some couples “snuggle” all night long??? How do they sleep?!
I loved it. He is feeling close to me, feeling sweet with me. It is all coming off a little more beta/needy than I’d like but I’m taking what I can get. I want to be respectful that I appreciate his attempts at intimacy in whatever way he can show them.