We booked a trip to NYC before all of this went down. Just us, as a couple. My parents stayed with the kids and we flew out with two backpacks to a city we had never been to. It was amazing and beautiful and wonderful. Our relationship was magical and perfect while there.

So much awesome in 4 days and 3 nights, it’s hard to check back in to reality, honestly.

My husband was a different person away from the normal responsibilties and expectations of life. Aren’t we all? It was amazing. He held my hand and looked for me to help over icy spots. He got doors for me and carried my bags.
He kissed me and looked at me and saw me. His eyes may have even twinkled a little bit a few times, too.
He was reading MMSLP here and there. It could have been a combination of MMSL plus vacation plus no kids plus knowing he was under the microscope, but all in all, it felt amazing.

My brain is telling me to watch out. To be careful. That it could all be a lie. We saw Flight. Awesome movie- very good depiction of how an addict will lie, lie and lie and lie until they lose the truth themselves… I don’t know if that is going on with my husband. I don’t know how much of what he is presenting now is real. He is trying hard and is a good man. I have started my next book, No More Mr Nice Guy and it is written FOR HIM. It’s incredible.
My heart is telling me to trust him and love him and help and support him, which I will do, but hopefully with some reservation.

The concepts in MMSL are hard for him to grasp because of the role reversal and I find it hard to explain… I am eager for him to read NMMNG… and I have so much to write about from NY trip, all our conversations and tears and the sex.