My workout for the past few months:

20 RDL’s to warm up. Just the bar.
12 Clean & Press. Just the bar.
160 sit ups (25 each knee, 50 leg raises, 50 full weighted situps).
full dead hang Pull Ups, AMRAP, usually 5 or 6 lately.
12 low ring push ups.
15 low ring rows.
20 front squats. just the bar, ass to ground.
20 slow hip thrusts, just the bar, super slow.

I do it all with minimal rest between, just a few seconds here and there… sometimes close to a minute halfway thru the front squats if I am dying. Feels so good.

I FEEL THIS the next day. I love it. Working it all, full and hard.
Will gradually increase weights. I can’t believe I used to DL 260 and front squat 125 lbs. Seems so distant.

I miss boxing. Haven’t done it in 3 weeks or so. Don’t know if I’ll get back in or not. So much up in the air. I feel like I “should” and I certainly deserve to. But my relationship is demanding so much extra TIME and energy and and and. I don’t know if I can squeeze 3 hours away per week in at night any more. I felt so alive, so brilliantly fast and smart and good when I am in the ring. Nothing like it.

These workouts that I’m doing at home in the basement. Good. 20-30 minutes with loud music is a good thing, but I miss boxing. Almost like I miss New York.