Well, we booked heart to heart several day intensive treatment. Paid and non refundable, non transferrable. I pray that this will be worth it because taking five days off work is no joke. The cost is substantial, but our relationship is worth it, if it helps more than a little.

We have an appointment with a local therapist, which I am skeptical of. I have had too many mediocre/downright bad therapists in my years to be optimistic about their results. One session will tell me if he is worth our $100 an hour, so time will tell. Many people have said that any therapist is better than no therapist but I fully disagree. So many therapists love to hear themselves talk, some have their own agendas (seriously, have been with people whose main priority is getting me to join their church, read the bible outside of therapy, etc.)

The plan is for this guy to help with my husband’s childhood abuse, issues with his parents deaths. I want to be very careful who he accepts advice from regarding relationship issues and porn addiction. This man said that porn addiction is treated like an affair, and for the love of god, that is the wrong thing to tell me.

Dr. Douglass Weiss on the other hand, I have read nothing but amazing things about him. And while we may not belong to any organized religious affiliation, I have read enough honest reviews (independing of the Heart To Heart website) that tell me even secular individuals can achieve tremendous success with his guidance. I am so hopeful about him. So eager, I wish we could have gotten in sooner. The wait should be worth it. The cost should be worth it. I pray.